Van racking
for Volkswagen Caddy


Van racking for Volkswagen Caddy

The Volkswagen Caddy is well-known for its performance and reliability. It is designed to offer maximum usability and comfort. Our racking solutions for the Volkswagen Caddy further enhance this versatile van. The Volkswagen Caddy is the perfect van if you need a smaller utility vehicle. Despite its compact size, it can carry surprisingly heavy and large loads. The vehicle’s interior is optimized to provide a spacious and comfortable space inside the van, and with System Edström’s van racking for Volkswagen Caddy, you can utilize the work van’s features even better.

Moreover, the Volkswagen Caddy comes with a wide range of assistance systems. With the Front Assist monitoring system, the adaptive cruise control maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and the Emergency Assist helps you avoid collisions. The vehicle also provides Driver Alert system, Active Lane Assist, and Trailer Assist.


Dimensions for Volkswagen Caddy van racking

The van is available in various versions, including Caddy Cargo and Caddy Cargo Maxi. All models offer a well-disposed cargo space, and together with our van racking for Volkswagen Caddy, the van becomes the perfect mobile partner. The cargo volume is impressive too, with space for two European pallets in the Caddy Maxi.

Regardless of which version you choose, you will benefit from a range of fantastic features that can be complemented with System Edström’s accessories and van racking for Volkswagen Caddy. The cargo in the van space can also be secured thanks to six foldable lashing rings, and with a separate locking system for the cargo area, you can lock the cabin during loading.


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Installation instructions

To ensure the correct installation of racking and accessories for your Volkswagen Caddy van, it is recommended that the installation be carried out by an authorized dealer. This not only provides expert installation but also a 5-year warranty on both the racking and the installation work. If you choose to install the racking yourself, we provide general instructions, and you will be covered by a 3-year warranty on the racking. Our experienced specialists and builders are always available to advise and support you regarding racking options.


Build Your Own Van Interior
for your Volkswagen Caddy

With the option to customize the racking for your Volkswagen Caddy, our services extend beyond standard options. Our adaptable system allows you to add, remove, or completely design your own unique van racking. Use our user-friendly design tool to create and visualize your van racking down to the smallest detail, including a 3D preview showing how your Caddy will look with the chosen racking.


Our van racking for Volkswagen Caddy

Our van racking for Volkswagen Caddy is the ideal solution for your van. Our range of racking and accessories is available in various lengths and depths, and can be combined in several ways to optimally suit your unique needs. If you wish to explore your options yourself before contacting a dealer, you are welcome to do so in our webshop. There, you can get a preview of how the racking will look in your van, helping to ensure you get a fully customized racking for your Caddy.


Accessories for Volkswagen Caddy

In addition to our wide range of van racking for the Nissan NV200, we offer an extensive selection of accessories for the Nissan NV200.

Our accessories for the Nissan NV200 include everything from lighting and safety products to toolboxes, drawer inserts, and storage compartments. You will find high-quality products designed to keep your van


Answers to common queries

We understand that you may have some questions in mind, and we’re here to provide answers and assist you. If you don’t find answers here you can always get in touch with us.

Traditionally, shelves and drawers are the most common systems for van interiors. However, everything from a screwdriver holder to a ladder holder can be part of your van rack.

There are several ways to build racking and shelves in a van. It’s recommended to preassemble the shelves outside the van and lift the unit into the van, then securely attach the shelf frames. Usually, the shelf frame is the load-bearing structure to which everything is attached.

Depending on the end-user, requirements can vary significantly. System Edström can provide transport vehicle accessories for most applications, and one of our many dealers can help you better understand your needs.

Bright LED lights similar to those in the driver’s cabin with sufficient lumens are undoubtedly the best way to illuminate the interior of a van in the cargo space. The advantage of LED is that you can easily mount it in several different places in the van.


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