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Customized van racking for your Nissan

Van Racking is offered for a range of Nissan work vans. To operate in tough conditions while ensuring ease of use, Nissan work vans require van racking tailored to both the van and, most importantly, your needs. The smallest model, the NV200, has 4.2m³ of load space, enough to accommodate two Euro pallets. Wide-opening rear doors and the option of one or two sliding side doors make loading swift and easy. The passenger seat, featuring optional foldable functionality, transforms into a useful desk complete with power outlets and handy storage spaces.

With the mid-range NV300 model, you get a practical, comfortable and safe van fitted with the latest high tech driving features. The largest Nissan work van, NV400, is available in several different designs, which enables you to maximize the space to suit your needs. It boasts a cargo capacity of up to 17m³ and can accommodate objects up to 4.4m in length. Its low floor and wide-opening doors facilitate easy loading and unloading.


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Installation instructions

We always recommend that you get your Nissan van racking system installed by one of our dealers. This will ensure that the racking is properly installed. This also gives you a 5-year warranty on the racking and the installation. If you install the van racking yourself, we provide general installation instructions and then you have a 3-year warranty on the parts and accessories. If you need any advice, we are ready to help and our professional installers are always available.


Build your
own van interior

You have the opportunity to tailor the van interior for your Nissan, beyond the ready-made options we offer. Our adaptable system allows you to add, remove, or fully design your own unique interior. With our user-friendly yet technically sophisticated design program, you can explore and create a detailed visualization of your van interior, including a 3D model showing how your utility vehicle will look.


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van racking for Nissan

If you would rather do your own research before contacting a dealer, you can do so in our webshop. It offers views of the vehicle racking systems as they look in the vehicle and you can even customize the Nissan van racking system to suit your needs.


Answers to common queries

We understand that you may have some questions in mind, and we’re here to provide answers and assist you. If you don’t find answers here you can always get in touch with us.

Traditionally, shelves and drawers are the most common systems for van interiors. However, everything from a screwdriver holder to a ladder holder can be part of your van rack.

There are several ways to build racking and shelves in a van. It’s recommended to preassemble the shelves outside the van and lift the unit into the van, then securely attach the shelf frames. Usually, the shelf frame is the load-bearing structure to which everything is attached.

Depending on the end-user, requirements can vary significantly. System Edström can provide transport vehicle accessories for most applications, and one of our many dealers can help you better understand your needs.

Bright LED lights similar to those in the driver’s cabin with sufficient lumens are undoubtedly the best way to illuminate the interior of a van in the cargo space. The advantage of LED is that you can easily mount it in several different places in the van.


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