Custom made
van racking for Citroën Jumpy


Customized van racking for Citroën Jumpy

Citroën Jumpy is a compact, comfortable, and safe work vehicle equipped with the latest high-tech driving features. The van is available in three different lengths and also comes as an electric model. Its relatively low height offers more parking options, saving time and bringing you closer to your customers. With practical van racking for your Citroën Jumpy, you maximize the space in your work vehicle and create storage tailored to your needs. Something as simple as using straps can reduce the risk of damage to tools and cargo space, but most importantly – save lives. Citroën Jumpy is larger than the Berlingo but smaller than the Jumper, the largest of Citroën’s transport vehicles. Of course, it’s not just about which vehicle model you drive, but how you make the most of your van.

Once you’ve decided on the type of van you want to drive, it’s time to choose the utility interior for your Citroën Jumpy – an interior that optimizes space and makes a real difference to your workday. When you buy van racking for your Citroën Jumpy from System Edström, you get the most flexible system on the market, where the products have been crash-tested with well-approved results. By choosing from our various tool panels and holders, you can create a tool layout for Citroën Jumpy based on your needs.


Dimensions for Citroën Jumpy

Citroën Jumpy comes in three different models, all with compact dimensions that provide extra agility. The interiors and accessories are available in a variety of lengths and depths and can virtually be combined in any way to suit you and your needs.


Why choose System Edström?


Installation instructions

We recommend having one of our authorized dealers handle the installation of the interior and accessories in your Citroën Jumpy utility van to ensure a correct and professional fitting. Choosing this option includes a five-year warranty on both the interior and the installation work. If you choose to install the interior yourself, we provide general assembly instructions and offer a three-year warranty on the interior. For professional advice on the interior, our team of experienced installers is ready to assist.


Build your
own van interior

Create a customized van racking interior for your Citroën Jumpy utility van with our adaptable solutions, which go beyond the standard options we offer. Our flexible system allows you to add elements, remove parts, or design an entirely unique interior. Use our user-friendly and technically advanced design tool for a detailed visualization of your vehicle interior, complete with a 3D model showing how your Citroën Jumpy will look.


Explore our van racking for Citroën Jumpy

If you want to explore different options before contacting a dealer, our webshop is the perfect place for this. In the webshop, you can not only get an idea of how the interior will fit in your Citroën Jumpy, but also the opportunity to customize it according to your unique needs.


Accessories for Citroën Jumpy

In addition to our range of van racking for Citroën Jumpy, we also offer a wide range of accessories for Citroën Jumpy. Our accessories for Citroën Jumpy include everything from lighting and safety products to toolboxes, drawer inserts, and storage compartments.

With us, you’ll find high-quality products designed to keep your van more organized, enhancing both your safety and efficiency. Our range includes everything from lighting and shelves to tool holders, cabinets, drawers, and much more.


Answers to common queries

We understand that you may have some questions in mind, and we’re here to provide answers and assist you. If you don’t find answers here you can always get in touch with us.

Traditionally, shelves and drawers are the most common systems for van interiors. However, everything from a screwdriver holder to a ladder holder can be part of your van rack.

There are several ways to build racking and shelves in a van. It’s recommended to preassemble the shelves outside the van and lift the unit into the van, then securely attach the shelf frames. Usually, the shelf frame is the load-bearing structure to which everything is attached.

Depending on the end-user, requirements can vary significantly. System Edström can provide transport vehicle accessories for most applications, and one of our many dealers can help you better understand your needs.

Bright LED lights similar to those in the driver’s cabin with sufficient lumens are undoubtedly the best way to illuminate the interior of a van in the cargo space. The advantage of LED is that you can easily mount it in several different places in the van.


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