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Over 500,000 craftsmen in 20 countries trust van racking from System Edström


Custom solutions

At System Edström, we always aim to help you maximize your van’s potential. Our latest products are designed to do just that. In this new range, we’ve focused on reducing weight to help you save fuel and reduce carbon emissions.

Van racking

Van racking


Van racking systems for all commercial vehicles

We specialize in customized van racking for all makes and models. Whatever brand you choose, our van racking systems help you get the most out of your van.
System Edström is also a proud member of the Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier program – a testament to our commitment to quality.

Click below for more info on the type of van equipment we offer for each brand.


Build your
own van racking

Design your van racking in 3D directly with our advanced software. The ‘drop and draw’ function makes exploring our range playful and innovative. Create custom plans tailored for your vehicle and business, and view them in an interactive 3D environment. Build your van racking and bring your proposal to the dealer for adjustments or additions, or choose one of our ready-made solutions.


Collaboration and success

“Their durable and efficient racking system maximized storage space, streamlining our daily operations. Highly recommended for top-quality and functional mobile workspaces.”

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