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Buy a Professional Van Racking from one of our dealers. You can choose from a wide range of standardised Van racking solutions. Our Van Racking can be customised to fit your needs. We offer van racking to almost any car brand and we also sell accessories.

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Van racking systems by System Edström


With a professional van racking system in your commercial vehicle, work becomes more efficient and fun. With your tools organized and in place, it will be a pleasure to open the doors of your van and start working. Your customers will also notice the difference - they will see a professional and serious craftsman, who does not need to spend more time than necessary in the van. Eliminate needless searching for tools and equipment and start working instead.

System Edström has become the leading manufacturer of professional van racking systems in the Swedish and Nordic markets as well as in greater parts of Europe, thanks to innovative thinking within the company both in terms of product development and sales.

Our solutions are based on flexibility and simplicity, making it easy for our customers to both find the right equipment for their vans and install it.

We offer van racking solutions that range between 211€ and 3000€ excl. VAT, where the simplest interior consists of a couple of shelves. If you are interested in a slightly more advanced and comprehensive interior design, you can choose to install a workbench, a few drawers, a vise and a tool panel.

Van racking installation

Montering av bilinredning

We would like to say that it is fun to install van racking (otherwise we probably would not be in the industry), presumably because we are good at it and know what we are doing. For an experienced technician, a small interior will take around 2-3 hours to install, while a large interior can take up to 5 hours.

It is easy to put together the van racking − the difficult part is to attach the interior to the van. In order for this process to run smoothly it is necessary to have knowledge and experience about the brake lines, fuel tanks, cables and other wires in the van, so that nothing is destroyed or broken when drilling. By having knowledge about all the places that can be drilled in the van, an experienced technician will save you a lot of time.

When you let an experienced technician install your van interior, you can be confident that it will be done correctly − nothing will break and everything will be in the right place. It is also very important that the interior remains attached in case of an accident, so that you avoid tools and objects flying around in the car.




When our racking is crash tested, we use the highest international standard, NS286. During the tests, a commercial vehicle is loaded with our interiors and weights that simulate a fully loaded commercial vehicle. Then the van will drive straight into a concrete wall at a speed of 50 km/h.

We are proud that according to NS286, we have passed the crash test with flying colors!

We always recommend that you store heavy tools and machinery low in the car. This will both increase road holding and prevent flying objects in case of an accident.

Watch a movie about the world's toughest crash test!

About System Edström

System Edström is one of the oldest producers of van racking systems for commercial vehicles in Europe. The company was founded in 1958 which means that we have more than 50 years of experience in helping professional craftsmen to organize and install tools and equipment in their vans. Our customers can work with more efficiency when using our interiors. Sales and installation are mostly done by the approximately 70 body builders who are a part of System Edström´s dealer network.

Om System Edström

System Edström is governed by innovation and product development. Both our product development department and workshop for installation are located in Akalla/Kista in the north of Stockholm, where we also have our head office. Distribution in and outside Sweden is made from Alfta, Hälsingland. We also have a subsidiary with a workshop and a warehouse in Corby, England.

We want you to feel safe when buying from us, therefore we are certified according to EN ISO 9001: 2008 for our administrative procedures. To secure a minimal environmental impact we are also certified according to EN ISO 14001: 2004. We are a member of Packaging & Newspaper Collection (FTI) and take producer responsibility for our packaging.

All our employees, at every contact with our customers, strive to meet and exceed the customer’s needs within our area of business. This can be achieved by making sure that all our employees know our customers’ requirements and feel responsible for the customers’ needs and wishes.

Welcome to choose your professional van racking system from System Edström. A place for everything!