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It is not only car interior that makes your transport vehicle more flexible, safe and efficient. Accessories for vans play an important role in the total solution, which our dealers are happy to help you with while you are looking at car interiors. It is so much more than just shelves and drawers. We help you make your interior more efficient by supplementing it with van accessories such as cassette cases, plastic trays for the shelves, interior for drawers, interior lighting as well as additional lighting, power supply, safety products, electronics and roof accessories.

With a comprehensive range for you to choose from, we have the work van accessories to complement your System Edström van racking system and make your van the complete mobile workplace. Our van shelving accessories maximise the shelf storage of your van and innovative solutions like our drop-front shelves make storing and removing tools and parts simple. Add in our carry bins, tool holders, document holders and much more, and you can see how our van storage accessories keep your vans even better organised.


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Discover our full range of utility vehicle accessories and create the ideal working environment. Click on the categories that interest you to find out more.


Accessorize transport vehicle for success

In order to have as safe a transport vehicle as possible, it is important that everything has its place, a measure that System Edström has worked according to for many years.


Power up your transport vehicle

When it comes to power supply , we offer several different types of inverters. Depending on the needs of your transport vehicle, we will help you find the best solution. One of our best sellers is our 400 watt inverter. It is a complete charging machine with two 230 volt sockets on the end, a USB socket and automatic alarm/rejection if the voltage in the battery becomes too low. Usually this type of inverter is loaded quite a bit. Should the battery voltage drop below 10.8 volts, a small alarm sounds and the 230 volt sockets are switched off. It is pure sine wave output from the inverter, so that you do not destroy sensitive electronics.


Other accesories for your work vehicle

We are also resellers of cranes and air suspension from MAD . With a crane, you can carry out heavy lifting easily with your transport vehicle. MAD is a Dutch company and specialists in shock absorbers and cranes.

Other transport vehicle accessories we include offers are: bags , bag holders, rails, binder racks, drawer inserts, cassettes, cassette inserts, rubber mats, shelf accessories, shelf dividers, plastic backs, vices and holders, gas tube holders, tube trays for roofs, ladders, bag supports and tool holders .

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You can custom design your own solution for your Ford. Our systems are highly flexible. We always recommend that our customers speak to the expert staff at our dealers to receive the best possible service regarding van racking, ensuring they get the most suitable customised van racking system and van racking accessories. Checkout our webshop to find your desired products