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Optimal organization in your work van

System Edström’s car shelves combine a robust 180-degree fold on the upper edge for both a smooth rounding and increased stability. With sides of 65 mm, the shelves securely hold tools in place. Our range offers various depths and lengths, enabling tailored interiors for your specific needs.
Our car interior shelves come in standard depths of 300 mm and 470 mm, as well as 400 mm for complete car interiors. Varied widths provide many combination possibilities, and if millimeter adjustment is needed, joint pieces can be used.
For mounting over the interior, we also offer a narrow 160 mm shelf, available in both telescopic and fixed widths. Our ready-made proposals always include rubber mats to protect your tools and reduce noise. If you customize your interior, remember to add rubber mats.

If you want to organize your shelves further, we offer shelf dividers, perfect for keeping track of different sections, a practical solution for keeping boxes in place. System Edström’s Car Shelves have a solid 180-degree fold on the upper edge, both for a smooth rounding and stability. The sides of the shelves are 65 mm high to keep tools in place. Our Car Shelves also come in various depths and lengths to provide the perfect, tailored interior based on your needs.
With our adjustable shelves, you can determine the width of the shelves yourself, and these come in depths of 160 mm and 300 mm. The width of both ranges from 1,830 mm to 3,460 mm. Since these shelves are often used on top of the interior, they come with a flip-front so you can easily fold down the front part of the shelf and take out what you need.


Optimize your vehicle with transport vehicle accessories

Discover our accessories for transport vehicles and create an optimal work environment. Click on the products that interest you to explore more. Our products are designed to meet your needs and optimize your work. Visit our page to find the best solutions for your transport vehicle equipment.


Organized work environment

System Edström’s car shelves are designed to optimize your workday and create an organized work environment in your transport vehicle.


Types of van racking shelves

With drop-front shelves, you don’t have to pull out or lift your items over any edge. You simply fold down the entire front of the shelf and can pull the plastic box or cardboard straight out. The advantage of these shelves is that you can also place the shelves closer vertically since you don’t need to lift out your items, as you can easily pull them out. We offer our drop-front shelves in the following widths: 605mm, 784 mm, 907 mm, 997 mm, and 1,176 mm. Drop-front shelves also come in our standard depths of 300 mm and 470 mm.

Since we offer the front as a separate accessory, it is very common to attach the front to the drop-front shelf after the floor. This allows for easily accessible space, utilizing the vehicle’s space to the maximum. If you need to divide a drop-front shelf into different sections, there are also sturdy dividers for them. On a drop-front shelf from System Edström, you can load 70 kg of spread load!


Other accesories for your work vehicle

We are also resellers of cranes and air suspension from MAD . With a crane, you can carry out heavy lifting easily with your transport vehicle. MAD is a Dutch company and specialists in shock absorbers and cranes.

Other transport vehicle accessories we include offers are: bags , bag holders, rails, binder racks, drawer inserts, cassettes, cassette inserts, rubber mats, shelf accessories, shelf dividers, plastic backs, vices and holders, gas tube holders, tube trays for roofs, ladders, bag supports and tool holders .


Answers to common queries

We understand that you may have some questions in mind, and we’re here to provide answers and assist you. If you don’t find answers here you can always get in touch with us.

Traditionally, shelves and drawers are the most common systems for van interiors. However, everything from a screwdriver holder to a ladder holder can be part of your van rack.

There are several ways to build racking and shelves in a van. It’s recommended to preassemble the shelves outside the van and lift the unit into the van, then securely attach the shelf frames. Usually, the shelf frame is the load-bearing structure to which everything is attached.

Depending on the end-user, requirements can vary significantly. System Edström can provide transport vehicle accessories for most applications, and one of our many dealers can help you better understand your needs.

Bright LED lights similar to those in the driver’s cabin with sufficient lumens are undoubtedly the best way to illuminate the interior of a van in the cargo space. The advantage of LED is that you can easily mount it in several different places in the van.