Micke Kågered

System Edström are proud to be associated with Mikael Kågered, a Top Fuel Dragster pilot in the world’s fastest motorsport, drag racing.

Micke, as he is usually known, started his drag racing career in 1983. He had a few years off to compete as a co-pilot in rallying, but returned to drag racing in 1989 and chose to compete in Top Methanol Funny Car. After winning five European Championships Micke felt that it was time to step up, so in 2001 he also took on the task of piloting a 7000 hp Top Fuel Dragster. Micke drove both the dragster and the Funny Car in 2001 and 2002 before signing up Niclas Andersson to drive the Funny Car between 2003 and 2005. The Funny Car was sold in 2007 to give the Top Fuel Dragster the team's undivided attention

Micke is an office equipment technician by profession, and he also owned and ran a marine service company until 1996 when he decided to focus on drag racing and team activities on a full-time basis. His company is currently busy all year round, working with a number of leading companies on different aspects of market communication.

0-100 km/tim (55mph) in much less than a second!In between races Micke often gets the chance to prove that he is a skilled all-round mechanic. He also holds licences to drive the team’s heavy transporters so occasionally doubles as a truck driver. At the race track, however, his main concerns are to drive the Top Fuel Dragster and to represent the team. .

When he has a chance to relax, Micke enjoys assembling and riding motorcycles.




Accelerates 0-500 km/h (311 mph/h) in less than 5 seconds!
Top Fuel Dragster of Team Kågered
Power: Approx. 8.000 horsepower. Accelerates 0-100 km/h in less than a second.
Chassis: Swedish build chassis from ME Racing Services (associated with US based Mc Kinney) , 300" wheelbase
Engine: TFX aluminium block, 496 cui, Venolia rods, JE Pistons kolvar, BAE heads, SSI 14:71 blower, Knut Söderqvist injector, Champion spark plugs, King Engine bearings, Erson camshaft, Waterman 100 gallon/min fuel pumps, MSD 2 x 44 amp mag-ignition.
Clutch: Crower 5 discs
Rear axle: 12" Strange
Fuel: A mix of 90% nitromethane blended with 10% methanol.
Miscellaneous: Race Pack onboard computer
Tuned by Göran Edman
Best ET & Speed

4.97 sec/476 km/h, Santa Pod, UK
4.93 sec/491 km/h, Piteå, Sweden
4.92 sec/461 km/h, Santa Pod, UK
4.84 sec/462 km/h, Mantorp, Sweden
4.93 sec/452 km/h, Santa Pod, UK
4.91 sec/485 km/h, Mantorp, Sweden
4.83 sec/467 km/h, Mantorp, Sweden
4.80sec/492 km/h, Hockenheim, Germany
4,21sec/423 km/h, Alastaro, Finland (1000 foot track)
4,46sec/325 km/h, Alastaro, Finland (1000 foot track)

Drag racing is the world´s fastest and most powerful motorsport. The sport first started in the US, but today has many active teams and supporters in Europe as well as Australia and Asia. There are different classes in drag racing to include a wide range from regular street cars to the most extreme machines - the Top Fuel Dragsters - cars with 8.000 horsepower and speeds exceeding 500 km/h over the finish line, (reaching there in less than 5 seconds).
The safety regulations in drag racing are extensive to protect the participants as well as the spectators.

Side by side in 300 mph!The race track, also called ”the strip”, is straight and measures 402.33 meters which is equivalent to a 1/4 English mile.
The major events include two days of qualifications, when he contestants qualify into elimination ladders, with limited number of spots,  followed by one ”race day” of eliminations.
During Eliminations the winner from each heat moves on to the next round etc. all the way to the final.
The starting procedure in drag racing is executed with the help of light signals of a so called Christmas tree.
Team Kågered’s achievements:
FIA Top Fuel Championship
2001 5th
2002 6th
2003 2nd
2004 2nd
2005 3rd
2006 6th
2007 6th
2008 3rd
2009 4th
2010 7th
Top Methanol Funny Car Championship
1990* 1st
1991 3rd
1992 2nd
1993 1st
1994 2nd
1995 1st
1996** 1st
1997 2nd
1998 2nd
1999 1st
2000 2nd
2001 3rd
2002 1st
2003*** 5th
2004*** 3rd
2005*** 5th

*   Sharing with Björn Ardin!
**  EMTRA Championship turns FIA
*** Niclas Andersson driver