Crash test

There are different ways to conduct safety tests. Some companies perform tests using computer simulations and calculations. Other companies make crash tests on their own and with their own set up limits. For us there is only one way, according to international standards and by an independent approved test institute. The French institute for work related accidents, INRS, has set the only standards in the world for crash test of van racking. And they are really tough! For example they require higher collision speed and much more stringent values for interior payload than the standards for van racking previously used. Today, we are the only provider with Swedish-made van racking solutions that pass these advanced tests.

We completed our first crash tests in 2001 at Milbrook in England according ECR R17.07. We passed the test with flying colors. Crash tests, requirements and preferences have changed over the years. And since then we have made regular tests.

We engaged the French independent testing institute Valutec to perform out latest crash test, according INRS NS286 specification, with the same good results as all the times before. Top scores again.

The van racking is attached onto a crash sled in the same way as it is attached in the vehicle. Shelves and cassettes are then loaded with weights that are cut to 80% of the length of the shelf or cassette. All for the greatest possible impact. The crash test sled is then run at a speed just above 50 km/hour and crashed straight into a concrete wall. Because of the weights on the shelves and in the cassettes, there is a second blow from behind fractions of a second after the first hit in just the same way as it could happen in your own car at a possible crash.

The French Institute for the Prevention of workplace accidents, INRS, is a large company with 700 employees. Their persistent efforts to develop a uniform standard for crash test of  van racking began back in 2007. Cargo weights on shelves and trays are carefully specified and assembly shall be done as per the normal installation instructions. The load shall be no less than 25 G at the crash! Most testing institutes are confident that the incredibly tough INRS NS286 will become a standard benchmark for racking systems throughout Europe, as Euro NCAP.

Passing these tough crash tests obviously means a lot for System Edström’s sales in all countries. Especially for the French market, it means that the end user with the familiar green racking can get financial help when equipping their van.