To find a place for everything is not the only reason for having a racking in your van. If an accident occurs, you want your racking to stay where you put it.

System Edström's van racking has been crash-tested in the toughest crash test in the world.

Vehicle equipment can be constructed in various ways. We have experience of van racking since 1958, so we know what works. Throughout the years, we have followed up on many crashes and with this knowledge we have improved constructions, mounting instructions and continuously educated our dealers.

Van racking from System Edström can be mounted in the vehicle by one of our dealers. It is also possible for you to install it yourself. If you choose to mount it yourself, be sure to follow the mounting instructions and alwasy think about safety.

When the vehicle equipment is in place and it's time to hit the road, take a few minutes to read ‘Handling System Edström’, it can save your life.