New Tool Case

    The new 63 Series toolcase is now available.

    Besides looking good and being practical, we’ve made the pricing attractive too. The accessories that complement our new toolcase are new too. The most elegant solution is to incorporate it into your racking system but we have different solutions for different budgets too.

  • Features, integrated into the design, allow for single handed operation, right or left, “stay open” lids or just take it to where you’re working!
  • The toolcase Holder, (6307) might be the quickest and easiest way for your customers to incorporate a new toolcase and it fits, both 300 & 470mm systems.
  • Toolcase brackets, (6305, 6306) offer a budget solution for adding toolcases into a racking system, sturdy, strong and offered in both 300 & 470 systems too.
  • The new fileholder, (6308) doubles as a 4 way toolcase holder too and you’ve still space for a file binder; but, Don’t forget to bolt it to a shelf!
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