What is what

System Edström is developed with the focus on flexibility. Today we are secure in the knowledge that our van interior system is the most flexible on the market. Each drawer has it’s own construction unit, so you build your drawer cabinet just the way you want it.

We have shelves in many different sizes, this makes it easy for you to maximize the interior in your own van. The great flexibility comes in handy when it is time for you to buy a new van enabling you to add or take away drawers or to change to longer or shorter shelves. You can rely on the fact that large parts of the interior are interchangeable and can be fitted straight into your new van. Financially, very economic.

1 Cassettes/Drawers
  The drawers come in two depths, three widths and two heights. Each drawer is it’s own construction unit. You decide how the drawer cabinet will look.
2 Shelves
  65 mm high, one 180° folded edge make the shelf steady and give a soft rounded edge.
3 Shelf frames
  Come in several different sizes and models.
4 Dropfront
  The shelf system has a front that you can open for easy access to your material.
5 Drawer inserts
  Inserts with loose dividers, you make your own configuration.
6 Plastic bins
  Plastic bins are available in 2 depths and 3 widths. Designed to fit in our shelves.
7 File holders
  Storage of files and papers.
8 Installation parts
  All the parts needed to fit the interior components, and secure into the vehicle.
9 Tool case
  A case suitable to carry an assortment of small parts. We have a variety of storage possibilites for the case.




















1 Aluminium shelves
  Approximately half the weight compared to our steel shelves. Payload: 20 kg uniformly distributed load.
2 Shelf for cable reels
  A clever and secure storage for your cable reels, comes with a moveable divider.Fits reels with Ø 300 mm and smaller.
3 Case support
  An easy to use tool for you who need to secure tool cases and packages.
4 Tube/Can holder
  Made of transparent plastic with space for 8 tubes and 3 cans.
5 Case bracket
  The bracket, designed to fit on our shelf frames, fits borh 300 and 470 mm depth.
















1 Sliding shelves
  Available in two heights and three lengths. Should be mounted between our shelf frames.
2 Pegboards - plain sheet
  Comes in sizes that match our shelf frames.
3 Frame extensions
  The extension is fitted in to a shelf frame and bolted together.












1 Cabinet door
  Design your own cabinet using one of our doors and two shelf frames.
2 Gas bottle holders
  For a safe transportation of gas bottles you'll need a solid holder.
3 Peg boards - flanged edge
  Designed for mounting on the wall.
4 Work bench
  Made of 30 mm plywood.
5 Vice
  Mount it on a bench or someone of our holders..















1 Sliding drawer & shelf frame
  Let's the interior come to you. You'll spare your back and knees as well as gaining free floor space.
2 Interior bracket
  Used to secure your interior on the frame.