Edstrom racking is complemented by a number of accessories that personalise the installation and ensure that you really do have 'A place for everything'.


Allround hook

A clever hook that will fit in our pegboards or you can hang it
on the edge of a shelf.


Part number: 4356



Good working lights are an important detail, not only for comfort but also for safety. We use LED lights which gives a good light and needs a minimum of battery power.



Description Part.No Information Watt
LED light tube 5067 12V, 30 diods 1,8
Lighting kit F8320 2 tubes 3,6
Lighting kit F8321 3 tubes 5,4
Lighting kit F8322 4 tubes 7,2
Lighting kit F8323 5 tubes 9,0
Lighting kit F8324 6 tubes 10,8



Case Support

Adjustable bracket ideal for fixing between shelf frames
to secure tool cases, for example.




Part number: 2935, weight 0,6 kg.
1176 mm length, can be cutted.



Shelf for Cable Reels

Store your cable reels for easy access, one moveable divider is included. Payload 30 kg uniformly distributed load.


Part number: 1688, DxLxH 300x784x114 mm, 4,3 kg