Full speed in the late summer!
We hope you all enjoy as much of the summer as we do. Now it's full speed at Edströms again and new equipment proposal will soon be ready for: - New Renault Trafic - New Ford Transit - Ford Courier - New Iveco Daily
The video about System Edström
Have you seen our new video about System Edström? Click at the picture to see it!  
Drawers now in 165 mm height!
Earlier you could order drawers in 110 mm and 220 mm height. Now we have a midle height, 165 mm!This drawer is available in both 300 mm and 470 mm depth.
System Edström Bilinredningar gets new owners
Springlake Invest acquires Sweden’s leading van interior company Springlake Invest acquired the majority shareholding from Rolf Hagström and Lars Hällsten who have owned and managed System Edström since 1993. Lars remains as a minority shareholder, and Rolf has decided to spend his time on other projects. Lars will continue to serve on the board together with long-time chairman of the board Hans Tiveus. New CEO is previous sales manager Ulf Neumann
Now you can see our catalogs in Dutch and Finnish!
Now, our catalogs and brochures are available to read on the computer, pad and mobile also on Finnish and Dutch ! Finnish you find here. Dutch you find here. Our catalogues and brochures are also available on Swedish, English, British, Deutsch and French.
New Mercedes Citan!
The new Mercedes Citan will hit the maket in a short while. System Edström has, of course, already interiors for it. To see them, click here.
The world’s hardest crash test!
The French institute for work related accidents, INRS, mandates the toughest ever standard for crashtesting van interiors. The standard mandates a higher collision speed and much more stringent values for interior payload weight than have previously been used.  In June, System Edström had the independent test institute Valutec perform a crash test according to INRS NS286.
Festool cases are very popular among our customers, request on smart storage on these cases has increased lately. As usual we are responsive to our customers wishes and needs, therefore we have created a shelf that matches the width of the cases. Use our tool case brackets (2305) 1 pair/case, 2 shelf frames in suitable height, and 2 of the new shelves, katschiing, you just created a rack to Festool cases.
Environmental Certificate
For many years we have worked with the environment in mind, but we thought it was about time to get what we thought, confirmed. In practical terms we were right there; where we needed to be. With a little tweak of our business system we now meet all the requirements of the standard. From the 20th October, we were certified according to SS-EN ISO 14001:2004.
New Racking brochures
Our leaflets with interior proposals has been updated, now there is one brochure for each vehicle brand. Look at it or download it here.