System Edström - Professional Van Racking

System Edström has one of the most flexible van racking systems on the market. The company was founded in 1958 which gives us a long experience of what is required for a mobile workplace. Flexibility and simplicity are the keywords within our company.

A long experience of van racking

System Edström has more than 50 years of experience and is one of the oldest companies in Europe that produces and sells van racking to commercial vehicles. System Edström was founded in Gothenburg in 1958. The founder soon realized that there was a need for equipment for commercial vehicles of various types. Initially, workshop interior was installed in the vans. The demand for van racking adapted to commercial vehicles grew steadily and the need for special van racking designed for mobile use was soon realized.

Our main office is situated in Stockholm where we also have a workshop for installation and product development. In Corby, England, we have a subsidiary with a warehouse and a workshop. The logistics center for Sweden and all export markets is based in Alfta, Hälsingland.


Market leader

System Edstrom has over the years developed into a market leader in the Swedish and Scandinavian markets. The company is established throughout the European markets, thanks to the innovation within the company both in terms of product development and sales. With focus based on flexibility and simplicity, the system is one of the easiest van racking system available to install.

Business concept

We sell and develop tested and safe equipment for commercial vehicles to:
 • all clients and all needs.
 • the right price and quality where there’s a place for everything.
This is made with a healthy profitability to ensures the company’s ongoing development.